Exceptional Quality and Safety

Ideal Omega® products are manufactured to stringent good manufacturing standards. Consumers have concerns about Omega-3 content, contaminants, and product stability. To ease these concerns, Each and Every batch of Ideal Omega® is Independently tested and certified by the International Fish Oil Standard (IFOS™) to meet the most demanding Omega-3 specifications worldwide.

Superior Quality Omega-3 Fish Oils

Ideal Omega® products are made to the highest good manufacturing standards. They are tested for purity (absence of contaminants) and potency (meets label claim), both through in-house testing labs at the time of production and through some of the leading third party testing labs in the world. Ideal Omega® products are purified so that they are safe from mercury and heavy metals.  The purification process also removes trace industrial pollutants naturally present in all raw or crude fish oils, like PCBs, Dioxins, Furans, and Dioxin-like PCBs.

Ideal Omega® products are made with AlaskOmega® EPA and DHA concentrates sourced from wild Alaska Pollock Fish Oil. AlaskOmega® is the freshest Omega-3 fish oil worldwide with the lowest TOTOX values. Consumers can view a comparison of the TOTOX concentration against GOED standards here. Lower TOTOX values in fresh Omega-3 fish oil means less burp-back for consumers and as a result, better patient adherence to taking supplements. The products are kept away from oxygen throughout the entire process to ensure that AlaskOmega® oils have the utmost freshness and quality.

What Are Common Quality Concerns with other Omega-3s?

There are three major areas of concern regarding the quality of fish oil supplements: Omega-3 content, contaminants, and stability. Consumers want to ensure that their fish oil has label-stated levels of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is safe from environmental contaminants, and is proven stable. Also known as shelf-life, stability depicts how quickly and easily a product will deteriorate under normal storage conditions. Prone to degradation, fish oil can quickly turn rancid if the product was not formulated adequately, not handled properly during manufacturing or stored in unsuitable conditions such as excessive temperature or humidity.

What is IFOS™?

Provided by Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc., IFOS™ is a voluntary third party testing and certification program that is offered to finished product and raw material manufacturers of fish oil. IFOS™ testing provides peace of mind to consumers of fish oil products because it ensures that their truste

Elite IFOS™ 5-Star Quality

How can you tell that a product is IFOS™ 5-star certified? Look at the box! Every Ideal Omega® carton is marked with the blue IFOS™ logo with five gold stars next to it. This means that every lot is tested under the 5-star system. The 5-star rating is only awarded to the very best fish oil products. In order for a product to obtain the coveted 5-star rating, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Passed all IFOS™ testing categories
  2. All active ingredients meet their label claim
  3. Oxidation levels must be lower than 75% of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) standard
  4. PCB levels must be less than 50% of the CRN standard
  5. Dioxin levels must be less than 50% of World Health Organization (WHO) standards

Ideal Omega® products are also tested to be safe from harmful radiation. Nutrasource added radiation testing to the 5-star requirement in 2014 through the IFOS™ program to ensure that every IFOS™ tested product is absolutely safe from harmful radiation. In fact, IFOS™ limits are seven times lower than EU radiation limits on infant formula and twelve times lower than the limits on other foodstuffs.

Maximum Transparency

IFOS™ is the only program that tests each and every batch of fish oil products to ensure stability and freshness. IFOS™ consumer reports demonstrate the Ideal Omega® commitment to transparency and traceability. We encourage you to visit www.ifosprogram.com to view consumer-accessible third party Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for maximum transparency. Consumers can download and print a copy for each and every batch of Ideal Omega® products.