Our Experts

Babi_chanaBabi Chana


BSc Nutritional Medicine, University of West London
BSc (Hons) Physiology with Biochemistry, Queen Mary College, University of London

Special Interests

Digestive complaints; Children’s health; Preventative/Anti-aging; Wellbeing. Specialist in fish oils and related conditions – Inflammation; Brain/Behaviour; Eczema; Cardiovascular etc.

Further Information

Experience for over 25 years in natural/community health. Extensive background in lecturing, publishing, broadcasting and health food business. Special interest in improving children’s diets.

GretchenGretchen Vannice

Gretchen Vannice is a registered dietitian nutritionist and nutrition consultant who specializes in omega-3 fatty acids and natural foods. She is a strategist, trainer, speaker, and author. Gretchen is the author of the national position paper on dietary fatty acids written for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and author of Making Sense of Omega-3s: The Good Fats. www.gretchenvannice.com

Richardson, AlexAlex Richardson

Alex Richardson’s research focuses on how nutrition can affect behaviour, learning and mood.

In particular, she has carried out studies looking at whether omega-3 fatty acids produce improvements in ADHD-type symptoms in children, as well as multidisciplinary research into the biology of developmental and psychological disorders and the importance of diet for mental health.

She co-founded the UK charity, Food and Behaviour Research, and has written a book entitled “They are what you feed them” which contains advice, based on her extensive research, for parents and carers on the effects of diet on children.